Webinar: Unwrapping the risks of plastic pollution: The 1st global insurance study

26-26 February 2020 | Webinar


Join us 26 February for the webinar: Unwrapping the risks of plastic pollution

Presenting the first global insurance industry study on managing the risks associated with plastic pollution, marine plastic litter and microplastics


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Plastic is an increasingly high-profile threat to our climate, ocean, wildlife and human health. The pioneering study of UN Environment Programme’s Principles for Sustainable Insurance Initiative (PSI) shows that, like risks related to climate change, plastic pollution risks can affect insurance and investment portfolios. At the same time, significant opportunities exist for insurers to position themselves on the frontline in tackling this global sustainability issue.

Join the PSI’s first webinar on plastic pollution. The webinar will present the findings of the PSI study on how insurers can address plastic pollution risks as risk managers, underwriters and investors, and we will hear from insurers already tackling this issue.