The Guide to Banking and Sustainability (“Guide”) is a high-level, functional overview of what a sustainable bank looks like from inside and to the outside.

Who and what is it meant for?
The Guide is first and foremost a tool for banking practitioners themselves. It is meant as an awareness-raising, integration and outreach tool for:

  • Senior management and board members seeking to educate themselves and their employees on banking and sustainability
  • Sustainability teams seeking to engage employees across the bank
  • Employees seeking to understand the relevance of sustainability issues to their work
  • Employees who are engaging with external shareholders and stakeholders on sustainability expectations, risks, inquiries, and other matters

It will also be a useful tool for a number of stakeholders, including:

  • Banking associations seeking to understand and promote sustainability among their membership
  • Banking regulators and supervisors interested in understanding and promoting banks’ roles in preserving the banking system’s safety and soundness vis-a-vis environmental and social risk drivers
  • Anyone from the policy-making sphere to civil society, to the corporate sector and the general public who is interested in understanding how the worlds of banking and sustainability are connected in practice

Download the full guide – English version Korean version – Spanish Version – Vietnamese version