Demystifying Responsible Investment Performance

A constant barrier to the widespread acceptance of responsible investment has been the misconception that it automatically translates to underperformance. This has been the subject of much debate through the years, particularly in the context of fiduciary duty. The report, jointly produced by the UNEP FI Asset Management Working Group and Mercer, a leading global provider of investment consulting services, features influential and award-winning studies from the academic community and a diverse set of studies from renowned brokerage firms, analysing responsible investment performance at both the company/stock and fund/portfolio level, and bolstering the materiality of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. The landmark report dispels misconceptions surrounding responsible investment performance, encourages more in-depth academic and practitioner research, and represents another enlightened step towards exploring the challenges and promise of responsible investing.
Published: 2007 | by: UNEP FI and Mercer

Demystifying Responsible Investment Performance (1.2 MB | 82 pages)