Caixa Geral de Depositos SA



Date joined:13 April, 2009

Company Profile
Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD) is the largest Portuguese financial group having the highest ratings awarded in the Portuguese financial market and the widest branch network nationwide.
The CGD Group heads several companies which offer a complete financial service such as: investment banking, brokerage services and venture capital, real estate, insurance, asset management, specialised credit, e-commerce and cultural activities. Employs more then 20.000 people and is represented, with Branches, Representative Offices and Affiliated Banks, in 23 different countries on 4 continents (Europe, África, America and Asia)
On the basis of a strong corporate ethos and the highest ethical standards, rigour and professionalism, CGD is permanently geared to the willingness to change. It is currently prepared to cater for the needs and expectations of millions of customers and the challenges of market globalisation.
Caixa Geral de Depósitos and Sustainability
CGD considers sustainability to be a balanced management between governance and social and environmental issues. The bank operates in line with ethical principles comprising compliance with legislation, internal standards and voluntary codes of conduct. We have implanted a human resources strategy designed to ensure respect for equality and diversity, in addition to balance between our employees’ professional and personal lives.
CGD has designed financial products to promote the use of goods with a high environmental value like Caixa Carbon Zero Card and Renewable Energies Loans for individual and corporate customers. To prevent social and financial exclusion and encourage an entrepreneurial culture, Caixa has set up a micro credit line targeted at persons, jobless or with low incomes and who wish to create their own jobs.
In environmental terms, the Caixa Carbon Zero 2010 Programme represents CGD’s strategy for Climate Change, under which it has been implementing several different major initiatives in domestic and worldwide financial sector terms.
CGD’s solar power generating installation came into operation in 2008. This is the largest urban building installation in Europe and has been fitted with an absorption chiller placed on the roof of CGD headquarters, in Lisbon, enabling annual power savings of more than 1 GWh to be made. Several major environmental awareness campaigns have been organised targeted to our employees, customers and the society in general. They include Day-to-Day Carbon zero counceling, Furniture Design Competition using Recycled Materials, New Generation of Polar Scientists Programme, Caixa Forest and Savings Cycle.