Grupo Catalana Occidente is one of the leaders in the Spanish insurance sector and in global credit insurance. Founded more than 150 years ago, it has experienced constant growth, thanks to its capacity to adapt to change and remain loyal to its principles, which are truly insurance orientated. The Grupo Catalana Occidente is committed to the professional development of its employees and insurance agents, its personalised customer service and the trust its shareholders have in the organisation.

Grupo Catalana Occidente’s mission is to lead in the risk protection sector and long-term predictions regarding the family market, as well as that of SMEs, and to be an international leader in commercial risk coverage. The corporate responsibility strategy of the Group directs its framework for action toward the creation of value for society, ethics, transparency and commitment to legality. The Group contributes to social and economic improvement of the areas where it operates, through business development. The nature of insurance implies the concept of social responsibility, as it means to accompany customers in all stages of their professional and personal life, anticipating risks to protect them.

Grupo Catalana Occidente would like to go one step further through the commitment to the Principles of Sustainable Insurance.