Brief Overview of Organization

FINAMERICA is a Regulated Financial Institution that focuses on microfinance in order to improve the access to credit of Colombia´s most vulnerable population groups, and to contribute to the promotion of micro-entrepreneurship and enhanced well being of its families.
FINAMERICA offers a wide coverage and excellent client services, through committed and efficient staff and high levels of automation that allow to achieve reasonable levels of growth, sustainability and profitability.
In August 2011, FINAMERICA has assets of US$ 228 millions, a loan portfolio of US$ 222 millions, disbursements of US$108 millions and a net income of US$ 4.2 millions. It has 166.470 clients, 1050 employees and 61 branches.
FINAMERICA is graded AA for long term debt and VrR1 for short term debt by Value Risk Rating International S.A.