UNEP FI Side Events

28 August, 2002 – 2 September, 2002 | Johannesburg, South Africa UNEP FI, and its conference partners, the Corporation of London, World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), IUCN – The World Conservation Union, and UNEP FI African Task Force members and associates held a series of events at the World Summit on Sustainable Development.

Key Documents


Financing for sustainable development: Launch of the joint World Bank / IMF / UNEP Report
28 August, 2002 This publication discusses Official Development Assistance (ODA) and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Its specific objective is to explore potential avenues to attract private sector funding and generate more resources for the public sector to invest in sustainable development.
“Finance, sustainability and Africa” The UNEP FI African Task Force at the WSSD
29 August 2002 African Task Force Workshop African Task Force Panel: “Finance, Sustainability and Africa”
Roundtable discussion: The role of financial services in sustainable development
30 August 2002 Hosted by the Government of the UK in Conjunction with UNEP FI and the Corporation of London. Richard Sandbrook facilitated this high-level meeting, at which a Memorandum of Understanding between the Corporation of London and UNEP (PDF: 10KB) was signed by Dame Judith Mayhew and Dr. Klaus Töpfer.
IUCN Business Day
31 August 2002 Hosted by IUCN, the Business day featured Jacqueline Aloisi de Larderel, UNEP on “UNEP’s Industry Partners for Sustainable Development”, and Michael Hoelz, Deutsche Bank and Chair, UNEP FI, on “Can risk capital generate biodiversity returns?” In addition, a Memorandum of Understanding between UNEP FI and the IUCN was signed (PDF: 54 KB).
Joint panel event on finance and sustainability: UNEP FI and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development
2 September 2002 A presentation of the activities of the finance community related to sustainability. Jacqueline Aloisi de Larderel, UNEP, and Michael Hoelz, Deutsche Bank, presented on behalf of UNEP FI.,