Webinar: 28 January 2010 | 4:00 PM – 5:15 PM GMT

In December 2009 world leaders finalised historic negotiations at COP15 in Copenhagen; even though the outcomes remained well below expectations, some progress was made and new ground covered, with potential implications for emissions reductions targets, carbon markets and other instruments, public finance mechanisms and, generally, the role of financial institutions in climate change mitigation and adaptation. We would like to provide you with a briefing on these outcomes and invite you to a UNEP FI and PRI joint webinar: Outcomes and implications of the historic UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. This webinar brings together a panel of UNEP Finance Initiative, UN PRI and IIGCC (Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change) signatories to discuss the implications of Copenhagen for investors and for the finance sector. The Webinar provides an update on the following fundamental issues:

  • The backbone of any global climate change agreement: emission targets by developed and mitigation action by developing countries
  • The future of the flexible mechanisms, carbon markets and the new role of avoiding deforestation
  • New roles and markets for institutional investors and insurers under the future international climate change regime

Speakers (click on name to read biography)


  • Nick Robins, Head of HSBC Climate Change Centre of Excellence, Co-Chair of the Climate Change Working Group of UNEP FI

This event is open to UNEP Finance Initiative, UN PRI and IIGCC Signatories only! For registration details and more information, please contact Jenny Appel, jenny.appel@unep.org (+41 22 917 8467).