UNEP FI recruits staff, consultants and runs an on-going internship programme to assist its Secretariat in Geneva and abroad. UNEP FI also issues requests for proposals on an ad hoc basis according to its work programme requirements.


Outreach, Engagement and Coordination Consultant

This role will help implement the UNEP FI Work Programme in 2017 which was discussed by signatories to the Initiative at their AGM in October 2016.

The consultant will ensure that UNEP FI’s many events and meetings attract the desired audiences and achieve impact. Included in this will be outreach, engagement, assistance with fundraising, and logistical arrangements. The events will include four to five regional roundtables, the Annual General Meeting in October, a series of webinars and teleconferences, as well as several smaller in-person meetings

The duration of the contract should be for 10 Months between the dates 1 March 2017 – 29 December 2017.

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Research & Capacity-building Programme on addressing environmental & social drivers of systemic risk in the financial system

Terms of reference

Delivery Date
Research to be completed by Q2 2017.

Submitting a proposal
Independent consultants are sought to deliver this ToR, either solo or as a team (preferably limited to two persons).

Proposals should be sent to: careen.abb@unep.org