Taller Presencial de Capacitación “Financiación de Vivienda Verde” / In-person Training Workshop on “Sustainable Housing Financing”

29 de marzo de 2017 | Santiago de Chile

Proyecto Ecobanking, una división del Centro Latinoamericano para la Competitividad y el Desarrollo Sostenible (CLACDS), de INCAE Business School y CAF – Banco de Desarrollo de América Latina, junto con la colaboración de UNEP FI, estarán organizando el primer taller presencial de capacitación sobre “Financiación de Vivienda Verde”, a ser realizado el miércoles 29 de marzo de 8h30 a 17h15 en Santiago de Chile.

Desayuno Ejecutivo: Finanzas Sostenibles en Latinoamérica y Chile

Martes 28 de marzo de 2017 | Santiago, Chile

La Iniciativa Financiera de ONU Medio Ambiente (UNEP FI, por sus siglas en inglés), junto con el proyecto Ecobanking del Centro Latinoamericano para la Competitividad y el Desarrollo Sostenible (CLACDS), de INCAE Business School, y CAF – Banco de Desarrollo de América Latina, organizan un Desayuno Ejecutivo sobre Finanzas Sostenibles en Latinoamérica y Chile, que se efectuará el día martes 28 de marzo de 9h a 11h30 en en Santiago de Chile.

Sustainability in the financial world: where are we and where do we go? A look at Chile & Latin America

8 March 2017 | Santiago, Chile

UNEP FI is partnering with CLG Chile, Bolsa Comercio Santiago, Cámara Chileno-Británica, Facultad Economía y Negocios Universidad de Chile, British Embassy Santiago, and MEXICO2 on an event that will discuss sustainable finance in Chile and Latin America including a discussion of sustainable development and capital markets, and the role of green bonds in the transition to a lower carbon economy.

Making Financial Institutions more Resilient to Environmental Risks: Launch of Drought Stress Testing Tool

In a pilot project on Environmental Stress Testing, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and the Natural Capital Finance Alliance (NCFA), have developed an analytical framework and tool that allows banks to quantify and assess the potential impact of drought events on the performance of their corporate loan portfolio. The project has been funded by Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

The tool will be launched at a series of events: 7th March in Mexico City, 10th March in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 14th March in Beijing, China, 17th March in New York, USA and 5th April in London, UK.

PAGE – Partnership for Action on Green Economy – Ministerial Conference, Berlin March 27-28

On March 27-28, over 350 ministers, heads of UN Agencies, business and thought leaders, representatives from civil society and development partners will convene in Berlin at the PAGE Ministerial Conference 2017 to discuss what it takes to further a “just transition” to economies which are more inclusive, stable and sustainable.

UNEP FI is co-ordinating “green investment” sessions to explore ways in which policymaking could more effectively harness capital markets to set pathways towards low-carbon, resilient and sustainable economies.

International insurance regulators establish Sustainable Insurance Forum

1-2 December, 2016 San Francisco, USA

At the beginning of December 2016, UN Environment convened insurance regulators and supervisors from around the world to launch the groundbreaking Sustainable Insurance Forum for Supervisors. The Forum aims to strengthen insurance regulators’ understanding of and responses to sustainability challenges, as well as the opportunities for the insurance business.

Japan Sustainable Building Consortium: The 3​rd​ Symposium on Paris Agreement and ESG in Real Estate Investments

22 November, 2016 | Tokyo, Japan On the heels of the historic Paris Climate Agreement to limit global average temperature rise to well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels, expectations  are growing for the building industry – which accounts for 40% of global energy consumption and 30% of global emissions – and for real estate investors to take ESG issues into […]

UNEP FI 2016 Global Roundtable

25-27 October, 2016 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Over the years the GRT has become the key global agenda-setting event on sustainable finance, bringing together hundreds of leaders from all parts of the financial system as well as from civil society, academia, government and the United Nations. The 14th edition of the GRT built on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Climate Agreement which were successfully agreed to by countries around the world in 2015. Read the news from the event.

Innovative Financial Instruments to Support Private Sector Investments in Energy Efficiency: Experiences and Lessons Learned from the Latin-American and Asia-Pacific Regions

15-16 November 2016 | Lima, Perú
This event aims to promote a dialogue and exchange of experiences among Financial Institutions from Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) and the Asia-Pacific (APAC) regions about the challenges and opportunities for private investments in energy efficiency to mobilize and deploy adequate and effective financial resources to achieve a low-carbon, climate-resilient development.

2016 UN Forum on Business and Human Rights

14-16 November 2016 | Geneva, Switzerland

The UN Forum on Business and Human Rights is the leading global event on business and human rights, gathering each year some 2,300 participants from government, business, civil society, law firms, UN bodies, academia and the media.

The Forum focused this year on “Leadership and Leverage: Embedding human rights in the rules and relationships that drive the global economy.” It addressed the role of financial institutions in respect to human rights as one of its three main focus areas.

Introductory Training Workshop on Environmental and Social Risk Analysis Chile

4 noviembre 2016 | Santiago, Chile
Este taller tiene como objetivo sensibilizar al personal de las instituciones financieras sobre las consecuencias y oportunidades generadas por la identificación y evaluación de los riesgos socioambientales de sus clientes y/o socios de inversión, y a su vez enseñar a los participantes cómo detectar, disminuir y evaluar dichos riesgos a través de herramientas utilizadas por instituciones financieras internacionales.

Foro: Promoviendo las Finanzas Sostenibles en el Cono Sur

Jueves 3 de noviembre de 2016 | Santiago, Chile

  • Crear un espacio de diálogo sobre las Finanzas Sostenibles entre los actores de instituciones financieras del Cono Sur.
  • Guiar la construcción de Estrategias Nacionales de Finanzas Sostenibles.
  • Compartir las actividades y proyectos de UNEP FI y promover la participación activa del sector financiero de la sub-región.

Outcomes and UNEP FI perspectives and interventions: COP22 in Marrakech

4-16 November | Marrakech, Morocco
The first global climate meeting focused on implementing the historic Paris Agreement will take place in Marrakech 7-14 November. This is an overview of upcoming events and activities taking place at, and around COP 22, that UNEP FI members can contribute to.

Introductory Training Workshop on Environmental and Social Risk Analysis – Costa Rica

13 October 2016 | San Jose, Costa Rica
UNEP FI/Ecobanking conducted an Introductory Environmental and Social Risk Analysis in-person training workshop, in collaboration with UN-REDD Programme, Sistema de Banca para el Desarrollo (SBD) and its main operators, and the Superintendence of Financial Institutions (SUGEF).
UNEP FI/Ecobanking organizaron un Taller presencial Introductorio de Capacitación sobre Análisis de Riesgos Ambientales y Sociales (ARAS), en colaboración con el Programa ONU-REDD, el Sistema de Banca para el Desarrollo (SBD) y sus principales operadores, y la Superintendencia General de Entidades Financieras (SUGEF).

Insuring for sustainable development: Making it happen

5-6 October 2016 | Munich

In October 2016, at the PSI-Allianz international event, “Insuring for sustainable development: Making it happen” in Munich, the PSI firmed up its initiative to develop sustainable insurance underwriting guidelines across lines of business. This initiative is backed by the experience of PSI members in implementing environmental, social and governance (ESG) risk management frameworks in their core business activities, and by the PSI’s global study, led by Munich Re and the International Finance Corporation, on how ESG risks are addressed when underwriting surety bonds for infrastructure projects. These initiatives are shining examples of how the insurance industry can support the SDGs and will be developed further by the PSI in 2017.

Sustainable Investment Forum

20 September 2016 | New York, NY, USA

The Sustainable Investment Forum, organized by Climate Action, will unite 300 stakeholders from national and regional government, international finance, private industry and carbon management sectors for a day of high level discussion and debate during New York Climate Week.
UNEPFI Members are eligible for a reduced fee.