The need for scaled-up private investment in adaptation & resilience has never been greater. Reported financing flows are way below estimated needs, with an estimated gap of more than USD 387 billion per year to implement domestic adaptation & resilience priorities. At the same time, private investors are increasingly aware of the emerging opportunities in this space. Recent analysis has estimated that around 11% of publicly listed companies may deliver products and services that may contribute towards adaptation & resilience, and that investments in companies providing adaptation & resilience solutions can yield benefit-to-cost ratios of up to 15:1.

Despite these opportunities, private investment is still hindered by the lack of clear, practical and investor-relevant metrics that can be used to identify, appraise and prioritise investments that make meaningful contributions towards adaptation & resilience. This webinar presents a new report by the Adaptation and Resilience Investor Collaborative (ARIC) that demystifies the assessment of positive impacts from investing in climate adaptation & resilience, and provides a practical methodology and set of example metrics for investors to use.