11 October, 2010 | Lisbon, Portugal

This is the first time that UNEP FI – Ecobanking convened the one-day training workshop in the Iberian Peninsula, seeking to train risk analysts and credit managers who work for Financial Institutions in Portugal on how to identify and manage social and environmental risks and opportunities in their lending and investment operations. The Workshop is part of a project launched in November 2009 and organized in collaboration with Sustentare, the Portuguese Banking Association, and the two local largest banks, members of UNEP FI: Caixa Geral de Depositos and Banco Espirito Santo. Through four workshops in 2010 the project objective is to provide concrete information and tools about environmental risks to local bankers, in particular the Risk Officers and Sustainability managers and be able to define a specific sectorial questionnaires and guidelines which could be implemented by all Portuguese banks when analyzing credit loans.


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