18-19 November 2013 | Bonn, Germany

The 9th edition of UNEP FI / VfU Roundtable on sustainable finance gathered finance institutions, sustainability experts, policy-makers and regulators, scientists, and academia from German-speaking countries over two days to brainstorm on how to create an enabling environment for finance institutions to contribute to sustainable development goals, learn about scientific developments on sustainability burning topics, and share peer practices on including sustainability at the heart of financial business models. The 2014 Forum engaged the participants in plenary discussions and workshops on issues related to the regulatory framework needed for sustainable finance, trends and developments in extra-financial reporting, climate finance and energy efficiency transition, the materiality of environmental and social issues for banks and insurers, and the need for enhanced transparency on the green investments market. UNEP FI shared with the participants the outcomes of its Global Roundtable held earlier in the month in Beijing, China, and in particular the conclusions on the common responsibility and the value of collective action in addressing the urgently needed transition to a low-carbon, resource efficient and inclusive economy. Examples of recent tools and guidance designed to assist financial institutions in mainstreaming sustainability in their operations, developed with strong industry input, as well as of collaborative public-private frameworks for action, in particular from emerging economies, were highlighted. http://www.vfu.de/default.asp?Menue=1&News=106