Webinar: Driving Finance Today for the Climate Resilient Society of Tomorrow

17 July 2019


Failure to adapt to climate change is one of the greatest risks to global economic growth and social stability. The Global Commission on Adaptation (GCA) was launched in October 2018 to accelerate adaptation action and support. At September’s UN Climate Summit in New York, Ban-Ki Moon, Bill Gates and Kristalina Georgieva will present the recommendations of the GCA’s initial flagship report, which will make the case for prioritising climate change adaptation from the local to the global level. The UNEP Finance Initiative provided key inputs to the finance chapter of this report through a paper on adaptation finance, authored by Stacy Swann and Alan Miller of Climate Finance Advisors. Today, UNEP FI will launch the paper, which identifies barriers to increased financing for adaptation and presents six clear recommendations for the finance sector, including climate risk management, standards for data and metrics, capacity building, unlocking investment opportunities and delivering adaptation-related policies.


  • Eric Usher (UNEP FI)
  • Paul Smith (UNEP FI)
  • Alan Miller (Climate Finance Advisors)
  • Stacy Swann (Climate Finance Advisors)