The development of UNEP FI’s strategy for 2022–2025 was led by the Global Steering Committee (GSC) and involved interviews with UNEP FI Banking and Insurance board members and a survey across the UNEP FI membership.

Mainstreaming sustainability in financial institutions while contributing to overall industry change and transformation is at the core of the strategy. The strategy has two guiding pillars, with five strategic drivers embedded under these:

  • Guiding pillar A: Institutional change
    • Strategic driver 1: Focus on members’ implementation
    • Strategic driver 2: Global programs, regional delivery
    • Strategic driver 3: Sustainability technical capabilities
  • Guiding pillar B: System change
    • Strategic driver 4: Engagement with financial regulators
    • Strategic driver 5: Strengthen alignment with UN/UNEP

See the full strategy in UNEP FI’s work programme 2022.