The UNEP Finance Initiative & the B4B+ Club decided to collaborate and co-organize a webinar destinated to their respective members – around the implications of the newly adopted Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF) for financial institutions. Through this historic global agreement, nations agreed on four overarching goals for 2050 and 23 global targets for 2030 – to address the unprecedented loss of biodiversity and to restore and protect natural ecosystems.

The aim of the webinar is also to help banks set targets related to the newly adopted GBF. Target 15 require large and transnational companies and financial institutions to monitor, assess, and disclose their risks, dependencies and impacts on biodiversity along their operations, supply and value chains and portfolios in order to progressively reduce negative impacts on biodiversity, increase positive impacts, reduce biodiversity-related risks to business and financial institutions, and promote actions to ensure sustainable patterns of production.