On 16 October 2016, the Association of Banks in Jordan (ABJ) joined UNEP FI as a Supporting Institution, becoming the second Banking Association in the region to join under this status.

The Association, which is an umbrella to 25 Banks in Jordan, seeks to advance the banking business in the country and plays an active role in driving sustainability within the sector. One of the ABJ goals is to assist in building a sustainable banking sector that can drive the Jordanian economy towards further sustainable development.

By joining UNEP FI as a Supporting Institution, the ABJ will work together with the secretariat to promote the concept of sustainable finance to the banking sector in Jordan and contribute to the adoption and implementation of sustainability practices among the industry.

Recently, the ABJ released a “Sustainability Report for the Banking Sector in Jordan” in 2016. The report, which highlights the success and challenges for the banking sector in sustainability in Jordan, provides a set of recommendations to improve the sustainability practices within the banks there.

For more on ABJ please visit www.abj.org.jo