Building on the Minderoo Foundation’s recent work on corporate liability risks in the area of plastic pollution, this webinar will bring together leaders from insurance, policy and civil society to explore the key themes and implications of the research (done in partnership with global law firm, Clyde & Co, and emerging risk analytics company, Praedicat).

The panel discussion will cover: The social costs of plastic-related harms. What are the different forms of plastic pollution? What is the scientific consensus on harms to human health, nature and the economy? What is the estimated size of the social cost? Liability risks arising from the manufacture, distribution, use and disposal of plastics. What are the viable legal pathways for plastics litigation? From which plastics-related harms are we likely to see highest claims activity and severity? What challenges does plastics litigation face? Quantifying plastic risks to corporates and their insurers. What kind of mass tort litigations are likely to occur? What are the expected and probable maximum losses? Which parts of the value chain are most exposed to risk? What remedial actions should be considered by different stakeholders?

  • Neil Beresford, Head of Global Product Liability and Recall practice, Clyde & Co
  • Claudia Donzelmann, Global Head of Regulatory and Public Affairs, Allianz
  • Adam Grossman, Vice President Emerging Risk, Praedicat
  • Andreas Merkl, Senior Advisor, Minderoo Foundation
  • Butch Bacani, Programme Lead, UNEP’s Principles for Sustainable Insurance