Launched at the Finance in Common Summit in 2020, the Adaptation & Resilience Investors Collaborative (ARIC) is an international partnership of development finance organisations working together to accelerate and scale up private investment in climate adaptation and resilience in developing countries. UNEP FI was appointed as the Collaborative’s Secretariat in November 2022 and is now running its day-to-day activities and implementing its workplan. 

This report provides key highlights of the progress made by the Collaborative in 2022. It includes a deep-dive analysis and recommendations that have advanced a shared understanding on adaptation and resilience impact metrics and identifies some areas where further analysis and development is needed. It presents the 2023–24 work programme to accelerate progress across the three technical workstreams: (i) physical climate risks; (ii) investor-relevant adaptation and resilience metrics, and (iii) investment vehicles and approaches, set out in the Collaborative’s 2022 Progress Report. 

The activities carried out so far by the Collaborative have already seen the involvement of private financiers. Future work will aim to enhance the involvement of private investors towards the group’s overarching goal to “accelerate and scale up private investment in adaptation in order to build resilience of socio-economic and natural systems”.

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