The Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance’s Policy Engagement Guidelines set the direction for all Alliance members and external net-zero asset owners to actively align their policy engagement practices with their climate commitments.

These guidelines outline what a net-zero approach to policy engagement looks like. Such an approach is:

  • accountable, with members’ activity reflecting the interest of its stakeholders;
  • active, as it assists policymakers in finding solutions to transition challenges and developing policy;
  • consistent, as engagements should be in line with individual member’s own net-zero commitments; and
  • transparent, as members should be able to explain how they ensure their engagement with public policy debates are consistent with their climate commitments.

In implementing the guidelines, members will advance towards the sixth recommendation of the High Secretary-General’s High Level Expert Group on the Net-Zero Emissions Commitments of Non-State Entities (HLEG)—“Aligning Lobbying and Advocacy”.

Recognising the importance of aligning asset managers’ policy engagement with members net-zero commitment, the Alliance also released a discussion paper in April 2023 to support members in assessing: asset managers’ own climate policy engagement activities and asset managers’ stewardship of their investees’ policy engagement activities.