The materiality of climate change - How finance copes with the ticking clock

The third iteration of the UNEP FI Asset Management Working Group’s ground-breaking “Materiality Series,” which started in 2004 with “The Materiality of Social, Environmental and Corporate Governance Issues to Equity Pricing” and followed in 2006 by “Show Me The Money: Linking Environmental, Social and Governance Issues to Company Value”, exclusively tackles climate change. The full version of the 2009 report, “The Materiality of Climate Change – How finance copes with the ticking clock”, was launched at the UNEP FI Global Roundtable in Cape Town, South Africa, in October 2009 just weeks before the critical UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, which will determine the post-Kyoto Protocol regime. The report provides a comprehensive review of key financial analyst and academic research on climate change in order to accelerate the integration of climate change risks and opportunities into fundamental financial analysis and practice. It includes expert commentary on a wide range of climate change issues, from US engagement and the EU agenda, the BRIC economies and carbon intensive sectors, to carbon capture and storage, energy efficiency, adaptation, and supply chains. It demonstrates yet another robust example of why it is vital for the financial markets that policymakers seal a fair, balanced and effective global deal in Copenhagen. Executive summary Versions: Chinese, English, French, Portuguese
Published: 2009 | by: UNEP FI

The materiality of climate change – How finance copes with the ticking clock (5.8 MB | 136 pages)