Brief Overview of the Organisation

AAR Insurance was founded in 1984 and is among the oldest East African financial services providers. We operate across East Africa, with physical offices and branches in Kenya and Uganda. Our offerings encompass various General Insurance solutions, including health insurance where we are among the largest market players in the region. We have also recently set out a strategic goal of expanding our services across more African markets.

AAR Insurance Holdings and its subsidiary companies seek to sustainably safeguard the health and wealth of every household in Africa. We believe that our Business should positively impact all our stakeholders, and have therefore incorporated ESG as a core part of our business model. We therefore intentionally ensure that we not only make a difference for our customers and shareholders, but that we do it in genuine ways that protect our planet, create a better and more equitable society, while upholding the highest standards of corporate governance. We are honoured to commit to sustainable insurance through our PSI membership.