Founding Signatory to the Principles for Responsible Banking

ABANCA is a private credit and savings institution in Spain, established on 14th September 2011. ABANCA’s corporate purpose is to carry out a range of activities, transactions and services pertaining to the banking business in general whether directly or indirectly related to it, and which are permitted by the legislation in force, including the provision of investment services and other ancillary services and the implementation of insurance mediation activities, as well as the acquisition, possession, enjoyment and sale of all kinds of negotiable securities

The objective of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative is to position ABANCA as a benchmark in the sector financial in the northwest of Spain, leader in efficiency, transparency, reputation and social commitment, contributing to improve the Galician society inside and outside Galicia, and Spanish in general, promoting its integral development.

ABANCA within the framework of its strategy of Corporate Social Responsibility began in 2017 to align its lines of action in this area to help achieve the goals established in the 2030 Agenda, an action plan that seeks improve the life, in a sustainable way, of future generations and provides clear guidance and goals for adoption by all countries and agents according to their own priorities and the environmental challenges of de world in general.
Good governance, education, the development of society, culture and the environment are the main axes of the strategy Corporate Social Responsibility of ABANCA.

Why did ABANCA join UNEP FI?

To help explore new ways to position ABANCA’s financial products and services towards a sustainable economy with low carbon emissions. This means developing green business lines, as well as mitigating risks during the transition to cleaner production and consumption.

“ABANCA wishes to join UNEP FI to be part of the market-leading innovation and update the ways of doing finances for the future.” Francisco Botas, CEO, ABANCA

Sustainability Report 2018

Annual Report 2018