Date joined:18 October, 2001

Company Profile 
Interpolis is one of the largest and most innovative providers of insurance, old-age provisions and staff availability services (reintegration, absenteeism, occupational health and safety, etc.) in the Netherlands. Interpolis is part of the triple A rated (cooperative) Rabobank Group. We provide customized solutions for private persons and businesses for a wide variety of risks. This not only involves solid products, but also good, personalized advice and real support in the event of damage or loss. Our customers can count on a quick, smooth settlement with a minimum of red tape. We think it’s important that our customers always know exactly were they stand. In advance and not with hindsight. In our view insurance, business care services and pensions have been made unnecessarily complicated. We would like to show that it can be done differently, with clarity and insight. We offer crystal clear solutions that people can really use. We are quick and practical and we believe insurance is more than simply settling claims. We keep our promises, and you can hold us to that.

Interpolis & CSR 
Our first priority is to integrate CSR in our core processes (marketing, underwriting, claims handling, product development, investing) via our Crystal Clear Concept. This concept is built on trust in our customers and our employees and on transparency about the choices we make.
We played a dominant role in the creation of the CSR Code of Conduct of the Dutch Insurers’ Association. We actively promote CSR in the Dutch insurance world. We published a book on the relevance of CSR for insurers. We played an active role in the creation and promotion of the Environmental Damage Insurance (EDI), an insurance concept that promotes sustainability. The insurance cover still is unique in the world. Interpolis is EDI-market leader. Volunteers from Interpolis have created micro-insurance cooperatives for the poorest in Sri Lanka, India, Nepal and the Philippines. Local people, mostly women, successfully run these now self-supporting insurance cooperatives. In 2004 the volunteers created Micro Insurance Association Netherlands (MIAN). Current MIAN-projects are being run in Thailand, Cambodia and Kenya. We created an independent CSR-Foundation that financially supports people and organisations that foster charitative, humanitarian or ecological purposes. The Foundation is being financed by voluntary monthly gifts of our employees, doubled by Interpolis as their employer. We also integrate CSR-principles in our institutional investment policy.

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