Brief Overview of Organization

Aktia is a Finnish asset manager, bank and life insurer. Our goal since 1825 has been to build wealth for our customers and society. Our vision is to be the leading wealth manager bank, and our mission is to build wealth for our customers and society. We serve our customers in digital channels everywhere and face-to-face in our offices in the Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, Vaasa and Oulu regions. Our award-winning asset management business sells investment funds internationally. Aktia has a little under a thousand employees and about 280 000 customers.

Banking Business
The segment comprises household and corporate customers of the banking business not including Private Banking. Aktia’s private customers are provided a wide range of financing, insurance, savings as well as investment products and services through various channels.

Asset Management
The segment includes asset management and life insurance business as well as Private Banking and provides asset management to institutional investors, as well as a wide range of investment and life insurance products to be distributed in Aktia’s and external partners’ sales channels.

Life Insurance
In addition to life insurance, disability insurance, and severe illness cover, we provide private individuals and companies with long-term saving solutions, combining the efficiency of insurance savings with Aktia’s award-winning asset management.

Summary of Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability is of fundamental strategic importance to Aktia and thus an essential part of our operations both in the short and long term. Our objective is to be a solvent, reliable and environmentally responsible partner for economic well-being and the most attractive workplace in the business. In 2021, we increased our focus on active stewardship to enhance the positive impacts we make on the world through our wealth management and investment activity. Guided by our new Group-wide climate strategy, we address climate concerns in all our operations.
We have strong values of sustainability. Our Responsible Investment Policy, Responsible lending Policy, Stewardship Policy, Climate Policy, Climate Strategy and Corporate Responsibility Programme guide all our activities. As part of our values we examine our contribution to UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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