Aurskog Sparebank (the Bank) is a Norway-based bank, with its head office in Aurskorg. The Bank provides services including savings accounts, checking accounts, payment mediation services, credit cards, mortgages, personal loans, life assurance, asset insurance, investment funds, investments transaction services and pension services.

Sustainability has always been an important part of the business of Aurskog Sparebank. Social responsibility for the local community has been, and still is, the basis of its business. Aurskog Sparebank defines contributing to sustainable communities for people, businesses, teams and associations as part of its core business.
Aurskog Sparebank wants to be a contributor when customers make responsible choices. The bank offers green loans to corporate customers and green car loans. In all credit assessments of corporate customers, Aurskog Sparebank specifically assesses the environmental risks associated with the customer’s operations and the investment for which funding is sought. The bank’s policy is not to be involved within industries that are ethically problematic, such as weapons, pornography or tobacco.

Each year, Aurskog Sparebank distributes significant funds through sponsorship support and gifts to ideal activities in its local community. Supporting activities for children and youth, and facilitating good and healthy conditions for growing up are of importance. Ethics is an integral part of all Aurskog Sparebank’s decision-making processes.

From 2020, sustainability is one of the top priorities for Aurskog Sparebank. The bank will further develop its sustainability strategy. Becoming a UNEP FI member is an important milestone for Aurskog Sparebank in its work with sustainability.