Company Profile

AVLA is an insurance group that offers financial solutions in Latin America through its different products: surety, trade credit and private debt. Through our:

  • Surety bonds: We ensure the fulfillment of contractual commitments with third parties (public and private) by means of a guarantee policy or waiver certificate.
  • Trade Credit: We protect the stability of companies by eliminating the risk for the non- payment of their accounts or receivable credit through a trade credit policy.
  • Private debt: We secure the payment of a credit granted to companies by financial creditors.

We have the support of more than 20 prestigious international re-insurers with the highest risk ratings that rely on our experience and stability.

AVLA and Sustainability

One of our key strategic goals as a Company is to incorporate Sustainability as one of our main pillars to guide our business growth. With this, we strongly believe that joining the PSI Initiative will add tremendous value to our organization and will help us reach our medium and long term goals related to sustainability in a much better way.