Company Profile

Banca Mediolanum was established in 1997 from the company Programma Italia and formed the basis of what would prove to be a highly successful banking model: the integrated multi-channel bank.
Banca Mediolanum became the most innovative tele-bank of the nineties. It exploited the interconnection between telephone and teletext without the need for other equipment, always providing to its clients human contact with a professional, the Family Banker.
In 2000 the Banca Mediolanum launched its website broadening client access and improving all client services. From then on, sophisticated trading services were put in place and developed until a broad and comprehensive range of banking operations was available supported by a greater freedom of access, through multi-channels.
Banca Mediolanum’s customers can carry out transactions wherever and whenever they prefer, through PC, telephone and e-mail, with the added possibility to make video calls and communicate (via chat) with operators of the Banking Center, perform transactions on their accounts and consult their investments from their iPhone, iPad, Android smart phone and tablet and Windows Phone.

Banca Mediolanum & Sustainability

Banca Mediolanum is different from the rest because it focuses on human relationships: We have always been a bank of people, for people. We deeply believe in our values to imagine, design and create a better future. We have looked ahead and continue to do so, anticipating people’s needs, accompanying them in their aspirations and in the fulfilment of their lives. Our goal is to build robust relationships with people that last over time, based on loyalty, trust and transparency. Aware that everything is interconnected, in our choices and strategies we put all our attention on people and the planet. We want to do our part to ensure that finance and economics are truly at the service of humanity.