Brief Overview of Organization

Banca Transilvania (BT), a joint-stock company, started its activity as a banking institution in 1993, pursuant to the license granted by the National Bank of Romania to conduct banking activities. Banca Transilvania was ranked as the largest bank in Romania and the South- Eastern Europe in terms of total assets as of 31 December 2018.

With a market share of approx. 18.5%, based on total assets as of 31 December 2020, Banca Transilvania was ranked first in the Romanian banking sector. Its mission as a private bank with majority Romanian capital, is to support the business environment and the population through innovative financial services and products. The banking activity and product offer is focused on retail and SME customers, while other financial services are provided by BT’s subsidiaries (leasing, consumer financing, asset management etc.). Serving over 3.4 million customers through a network of 550 units and multiple digital channels. Banca Transilvania is the main financier of the Romanian economy and is routing one third of payments performed by local population and companies.

Banca Transilvania is the first banking institution in Romania to be listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange. Gaining the trust of private and institutional investors, Banca Transilvania’s market value increased on average by 49% per year. As of 7 January 2021, the market capitalization of the bank was at USD 3.77 billion. From its listing, BT raised over USD 1.3 billion from the stock exchange, providing superior yields over the last ten years, as compared with local and Europeans indexes (BET and Euro Stock XX Banks).

Regarded by investors and rating agencies, Fitch Ratings reaffirmed Banca Transilvania’s rating in December 2021: BB+ for long-term financing (IDR), with a stable outlook, and bb+ for viability rating (VR), the latter reflecting the stable financial profile of the bank, the assets quality, the good capitalization, and the comfortable level of liquidity. Banca Transilvania is a local brand built on a success story. The recognition comes at international level, since global brand index, The Banker’s Banking 500, ranks BT triple A brand on position 339 in 2020, after steady increase from 2017 onwards, with a brand value of USD 370 million.

As a local player, Banca Transilvania focuses its strategy on developing the national economy and surrounding communities. Financial inclusion, supporting small businesses to reach standard bankable levels and fostering the entrepreneurial environment in Romania represents the bank’s DNA since its very beginnings.  Banca Transilvania was among the first  banks in Romania that  in partnership with international financial institutions, launched green loans programs for both retail clients and companies, especially in the energy efficiency sector. The bank has developed specific internal expertise and focused its lending on sustainable agriculture and healthcare, important growth drivers in its portfolio over the recent years. The Bank’s current focus includes supporting Romania’s transition to a more sustainable economy, as depicted in the Romania’s Sustainable Development Strategy 2030.