Company Profile
At Banco Bolivariano, we have a clear commitment to provide quality and efficient financial services through the empowerment of our people. We fulfil this through our day-to-day operations, striving to maintain a responsible growth, including our expanding commitment to environmental and social leadership.

As a private company with national outreach, we serve our individual and corporate customers as a trusted provider that knows them well, provides reliable guidance and can serve all their financial needs.


Summary of sustainability strategy
One of the key strategies of Banco Bolivariano is to transform the way we do business by incorporating sustainability principles as the core of our operations. We look forward to stop doing business as usual and empower our people to be a changing force in our community, to expand our reach and influence in our society.

We are doing this through 3 main lines of business:

  • Green loans: Strengthen our green and social loans portfolio, through an assessment received by IDB and extend preferential conditions, incentivizing people to invest in projects with a positive impact for our society and environment.
  • ESRA: Environmental and social risk analysis of our loan portfolio.
  • Carbon footprint measurement.