Brief Overview of Organization

Banco AV Villas is a commercial bank settled in Colombia, member of Aval Corporation, one of the most important financial groups of the country; we’re stablished in 67 municipalities through a net of near 300 commercial offices to attend clients and users with an engaged human team supported in constantly evolving technology.

AV Villas is known as an innovative bank focused on the development of products and services that make the clients life easier; in this line we offer a strong digital and traditional portfolio.

AV Villas maintains its AAA qualification in long term debt and VrR1+ in short term debt from V&R Rating.

Sustainability Strategy 

Our sustainability strategy has been defined according to ESG topics that reveal our real commitment to managing our business in a responsible manner, generating shared value to our internal and external stakeholders, and promoting the social and economic development of our country, Colombia.

This model contains 4 strategic fronts, such as:

  • We grow and innovate alongside our clients
  • We take care of the environment where we operate
  • We guarantee the integrity in our decisions and the security in our operations
  • We create development opportunities to our people

Therefore, our main purpose is to guarantee the sustainable and profitable performance of our business, at the same time we work with commitment to generate social and economic value for present and future generations.

Why the bank has joined UNEP FI as a member

Joining UNEP FI as a member will allow Banco AV Villas get aligned to the best international sustainable practices focused on the financial sector; also take advantage of new business opportunities identifying related risks of our activities and to fulfill stakeholder’s expectations.

Corporate Sustainability Report

Annual Reports