Brief Overview of Organization

Bci is an international financial corporation based in Chile, with subsidiaries in the state of Florida (USA) and representative offices in four other Latin American countries and in China. With 84 years of history, Bci offers a wide range of products and services to people, companies and institutions, through 6 business units and specialist subsidiaries, connected to a global network:

  1. Retail Banking
  2. Finance Division
  3. Corporate and International development Division
  4. Wholesales & Investment banking
  5. BCI Financial Services (Líder).
  6. MACH

Bci’s corporate culture is based on 3 values: Integrity, Respect and Excellence, while its purpose is “to dare to make a difference”.

Bci firmly believes that its performance has a significant impact on the communities in which it operates, being its responsibility not only to create economic value but also to help build more prosperous, equitable and thus more stable communities. Bci strives with determination to be an active part of solving the difficulties faced by those who, for decades, they have considered as the pillars of its business mission: clients, collaborators, suppliers, shareholders and the communities they belong to.

Bci developed a Corporate Listening Model, the results of which allows the Bank to identify critical elements to strengthen the Bank’s economic, social and environmental sustainability. The model seeks to know, in an agile and permanent way, the expectations of their critical stakeholders including their collaborators, customers, suppliers and shareholders.

Summary of Sustainability Strategy

Purpose: Dare to make a difference.

Aspiration: To exercise the enabling and essential role that as a bank has in the economy, the environment and social development:

  • Contributing to a more inclusive and equitable society.
  • Accompanying its clients in their transition towards a more sustainable future.
  • Strengthening the purpose and significance of its collaborators’ day-to day work and generating social and environmental impact from the business.
  • Maximizing value to increase and sustain profitability.

Bci plans to enhance its ability to generate positive impact on society, integrating and generating economic, social and environmental impact from the business, creating value for clients, collaborators, suppliers, citizens and shareholders through 3 flagship initiatives:

  • FINANCIAL AND DIGITAL ENABLEMENT: Implement financial and digital solutions that allows the Bank to include and / or make its clients (and potential clients) grow.
  • SUSTAINABLE FINANCING: Promote financial and investment solutions based on ESG criteria that facilitate and accelerate the urgent transition towards an economy without climate impact and with a positive impact on society.
  • TRANSPARENCY AND TRUST: Establish a single agenda with its stakeholders, promoting their participation and active co-construction in order to promote greater trust and transparency.

Bci’s Center of Excelence (CoE) in sustainability

Mission: Build, deploy and transfer the capacity for sustainability in the organization in order to generate sustainable and ambitious social, environmental and economic impact, from the business and cross initiatives.

Why Sustainability is a Strategic Capacity?

Because its stakeholders demand it as “the new digital transformation” and have agreed that it is a critical enabler for the success of Bci’s strategy.

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