Company profile:

Produbanco is a bank with ample experience in Ecuadorian market. It offers a board portfolio of products and services to serve the corporate, middle market, SME and retail clients efficiently. Produbanco’s diverse staff is committed to upholding the highest levels of customer service. In November 2018, Produbanco celebrated 40 years of successfully contributing to the growth of Ecuador’s companies and families, a major milestone. Produbanco has received local and international awards that recognize its prestige, service quality and innovation capabilities.

Sustainability strategy:

Creating value for the community and promoting sustainable development has always been a fundamental pillar in Produbanco’s strategy. Several initiatives with social and environmental focus have been included into the portfolio of products and services. In recent years, Produbanco has integrated environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in their risk management processes. The green financial products and services program is part of Produbanco’s sustainability strategy and a pillar in the bank’s commitment to offer value-added financial solutions in order to contribute to Ecuador’s sustainable development. Thus, Produbanco is the leader and pioneer in Ecuador as it marked a milestone by creating and promoting a Green Account, which is designed to generate resources for The Green Line program.