On July 16, 1962, Banco de Machala SA began its banking operations in the city of Machala, capital of the province of El Oro, southern border area of Ecuador, as a Private Commercial Bank, with the goal of helping the development of the productive activities of the Province of El Oro, the largest banana producer in Ecuador.

The commercial operations of Banco de Machala SA, has always been within the laws, taking very special care in the control of money laundering and Assets in general, showing rectitude in the management of public deposits, attention equally to large and small entrepreneurs, it helps to improve the level of public services, modernization, technology update and constant expansion of banking services, improves constant support to all production generating activity. These characteristics have generated in the clients and public a trust and constant support that is reflected through its 51 years of operations.

At Banco de Machala SA, we are developing business strategies that are key to sustainability. We are beginning to contribute to the sustainability principles established by the UN 203o by actively participating in impacting the economy, society and the environment in the markets in which we find ourselves.
The principles of Sustainable Banking are the wat forward to confirm our contribution and strengthen our commitment. We believe that banks are very important for sustainable development because we are the ones who can channel funds to finance sustainable activities.

Banco de Machala SA is firmly committed to our environment and we are in a neutral carbon certification process and have decided to become a signatory member of the Responsible Banking principles.

Sustainable Priorities:
At Banco de Machala S.A., there are different initiatives and approaches to sustainability in financial performance, in many cases the linking of financial activities with the ecological field, in the construction of sustainable or green finance, we serve the agricultural sector that applies the GAP (Good Agricultural Practices).


The credits whose destiny corresponds to the agricultural sector granted by the Bank and focused on environmental protection have been for organic production, Biocommerce, Drip Irrigation, Environmental Certifications, Water Treatment Plant and for good agricultural practices.

Likewise, we maintain commercial credit lines to customers whose business focus is energy efficiency by being authorized importers and certified Home Appliances in the country.

Banco de Machala S.A. has developed a set of policies, mechanisms, tools and procedures for easy and timely identifications, risk assessments and management of environmental and social impacts generated by customers of our Bank in the development of activities and projects to finance so that the chances of assuming exist and the costs transferred by these risks are minimized.