Brief Overview of Organization

Make a reality the development of people, the growth of business and the transformation of the country.

Sustainability Strategy 

At Banco de Occidente we have 4 fronts that make up our sustainability strategy.

  • The first front is our work for the development of people, regions and the country, through a collaborative relationship with our stakeholders, excellent human talent management and investments with social impact.
  • The second front is business growth, with which we are committed to promote decisions related to sustainability in the strategic direction and governance bodies throughout the business processes, value chain and products, taking into account the relevance of our stakeholders in the Bank’s permanence in time.
  • The third front is our commitment to the care of the environment, the management of natural resources, the positive relationship with the environment and the constant work around the positive environmental impact.
  • The fourth front refers to our corporate commitment to guide our decisions to achieve a positive impact on the environment and our stakeholders, as well as to build better service experiences for our customers.

Cesar Prado Villegas, President and Chief Executive Officer

“At Banco de Occidente we have the purpose of making a reality the development of people, the growth of business and the transformation of the country, that’s why we include environmental, social and corporate governance criteria in our strategy, in order to be consistent with our commitments and achieve the goals we have set. We know that being a member of UNEP-IF will allow us, as an organization, to face the challenges of the future in social, environmental and governance matters, since at the Bank we have assumed an active role in contributing to the mitigation of climate change and to the development and social growth of our country, being responsible, avant-garde, modern and innovative leaders in the financial sector.”

Corporate Sustainability Reports

Annual Reports