Company Profile

Banco Guayaquil is one of the main banking entities in Ecuador, and is involved in all business sectors: individual banking, business banking and micro-credits. The institution began its activities in 1923 under the name of Banco Italiano. In 1941, after 18 years,  the new public deed gave it the name of Banco de Guayaquil and then in 2014 it changed to Banco Guayaquil S.A. The bank is present within all provinces of Ecuador and reaches 99% of the country.

The institution has a Sustainability Model designed and implemented in close dialogue with its stakeholders, and based on the three pillars of sustainability: social, environmental and economic. From these pillars, a series of lines of work have been established and have been specifically linked to each stakeholder group. These have been considered as a basis for the banking context in Ecuador and include monitoring indicators that are related to the Bank’s overall Balanced Scorecard.

The Model was updated in 2017 and is organised into four pillars of work: responsible finance, ethics and transparency, social and environmental.

(more information on pages 24 and 25 of the Sustainability Report)

Link to Sustainability Report

“In 2017 we started to update our Banking strategy with the objective of being closer to our clients, continue being the bank for all Ecuadorians, incorporate more technology and continue to be an example of innovation within the sector at a national and international level “

“En el 2017 empezamos a actualizar la estrategia del Banco con el objetivo de estar más próximos a nuestros clientes, seguir siendo el Banco de todos los ecuatorianos, e incorporar cada vez más la tecnología y seguir siendo un referente de innovación en el sector a nivel nacional e internacional”.

Julio Mackliff – Executive Vice President – General Manager