Brief Overview of Organization

We are a solid financial organization aware of our responsibility to our clients, our staff, our community, and our shareholders.

Summary of Sustainability Strategy

To contribute to generating the correct conditions to achieve economic, social, and environmental benefits by promoting the development of sustainable businesses through four pillars:
1. Management of environmental and social risks.
2. Sustainable Operations.
3. Sustainable Business.
4. Our community.

We express our interest in being part of UNEP FI since we consider that responsible banking is a business culture based on ethical principles and firm compliance with the law, respect for individuals, families, communities, and the environment, which contributes to the competitiveness of the company, general well-being and sustainable development of the country.

Banco Industrial contributes to the human development and well-being of our employees as well as the community and society in general. In addition to complying with legal regulations, the educational, cultural, and sports development of Guatemalans is promoted, through the support of non-profit entities. We also encourage the training of young people in the business field, promoting entrepreneurship.