Founded on July 24, 1972, Banco Múltiple BHD, S.A. emerged as the pioneering Banco Hipotecario Dominicano, marking a significant milestone in the country’s financial landscape. Committed to operating in compliance with the Monetary and Financial Law alongside its supplementary regulations, the institution falls under the vigilant oversight of the Superintendency of Banks of the Dominican Republic.

Over five decades, we’ve stood at the forefront of the local financial sector, catalyzing pivotal shifts within the national financial framework. Actively engaged in the transformative financial reform process of the Dominican Republic, we ascended to become the nation’s inaugural multiple bank, setting a precedent with the introduction of a robust corporate governance model. This trailblazing vision propelled us to the forefront as the foremost national financial entity, boasting unparalleled international endorsement.

Currently, we serve over a million clients and employ a dedicated team of more than five thousand professionals. Our extensive network includes service branches in all twenty-two provinces of the Dominican Republic, complemented by a wide-reaching system of ATMs and banking sub-agents. Additionally, we offer convenient online banking services, ensuring accessibility around the clock. For immediate assistance, our customer service center operates 24/7 via telephone, and we maintain an active presence on various social media platforms to foster seamless
communication and engagement.

Since its beginning, Banco BHD has consistently upheld a distinctive vision of Social Responsibility, which manifests across three tiers of operational engagement:
1. Intrinsic Responsibility
At the core of our operations, we are committed
to upholding competent, ethical, and responsible
business practices. We actively foster a
prosperous economy and enhance societal wellbeing.
2. Moral Responsibility
Our goal is to foster a sense of solidarity in order
to collectively tackle the pressing challenges
within society, thus strengthening our united
efforts to address these issues with greater
3. Strategic Responsibility
The bank is unwavering in its dedication to
meeting the needs of both its clients and other
stakeholders, guided by the principle of creating
shared value.

To concretize this commitment, and in consideration of both global and national imperatives, encompassing social and environmental imperatives, alongside the pursuit of economic equilibrium and human welfare, Banco BHD has instituted a sustainability strategy. This strategy aligns business operations with adherence to the “Sustainable Development Goals” while concurrently generating value for society. It integrates social, environmental, and economic considerations into its operational framework.

This strategy is implemented through 6 focal points of action that address the material issues identified by the institution.
• Management
Corporate Governance, ethical conduct,
transparency, compliance, money laundering
prevention, fraud and corruption.
• Business
Customer satisfaction, information privacy,
product safety, clear product information,
responsible marketing and advertising, offering
products with social and environmental benefits,
and assessing environmental and social risks.
• Operations
Environmental Management System, ecoefficiency, energy, waste and emissions.
• Talent Management
Occupational health and safety, physical safety,
employee-management relationship, and
equality and inclusion.
• Society
Financial Education, support for businesses and
initiatives promoting social and environmental
welfare, banking services, social investment,
and volunteering.
• Supply Chain
Responsible sourcing, evaluation of social and
environmental credentials of suppliers.

In the face of daunting challenges, companies must wholeheartedly seek solutions for social and environmental needs. Our sustainability strategy focuses on achieving Sustainable Development Goals, fostering business growth and societal betterment. By upholding Responsible Banking Principles, we strengthen our dedication, uncovering sustainable paths and preparing to meet stakeholder aspirations.