Company Profile
Banco Pichincha C.A.: 105 years of innovation and service.
More than a century ago, Banco Pichincha opened its doors with the intention of creating a different kind of bank which, over time, has been maturing under the premise of meeting the needs and demands of its clients.

Banco Pichincha C.A. and Sustainability
Banco Pichincha C.A. leads the sustainable and responsible development of Ecuador and the other countries in which it operates (Spain, Colombia, Peru, Panama and United States of America), supporting the financial needs of the people, their institutions and their businesses. All the activities of the organization are integrated in principles of social responsibility and a commitment to its society, its partners and the environment.
Faithful to its philosophy, Banco Pichincha C.A. contributes to the country’s development by channeling resources to productive activities and improving clients quality of living, thus fomenting overall access to banking services, financial education, investment, saving and employment, all of which are based on management dedicated to ethical and social values.
Banco Pichincha has built strong relationships with its clients. The incentive and confidence that society has invested in its organization allows it to continue expanding its products and services to all productive sectors. Through its subsidiary, CREDIFE, it has generated credit for the micro-financing sector, turning it into a key tool for growth and improvement of Ecuadorian business community. From its creation, CREDIFE has enhanced the economy by making credit more widely available, thus becoming the best micro-financing organization of America.
Raising social awareness is one of the principles that sustains Banco Pichincha’s actions. Contributing to the improvement of basic and remedial education, as well as training in business, financial and rural education have been defined as strategic aspects of its organization. Its ally in contributing to the community is the Crisfe Foundation. This organization is the social arm of Grupo Pichincha, and it is in charge of fomenting social responsibility and executing social programs among community groups involved in educative and social matters, local development, access to education, training and technology.