Company Profile

Banco Promerica El Salvador is part of Grupo Promerica with a presence in more than 9 countries in Central America, Panama, the Dominican Republic, and Ecuador. It has more than USD $15 billion in assets and employs more than 15 thousand employees.

In El Salvador, Banco Promerica has 50 service points throughout the national territory and has been one of the banks with the highest growth in recent years, characterized by innovation in its products and services.

Supported by innovation and constant strengthening of its culture of customer service, Banco Promerica El Salvador continues to reinforce its commitment to the development of each client, company and project, helping them overcome their limits to grow.

Summary of Sustainability Strategy

The strategy is focused on 4 pillars:

  1. Product Family: This is the set of products the Bank offers and continues to expand that are aligned with development goals such as green lines, credit for efficient vehicles, women-led companies, and others the Bank is going to incorporate to make a robust offer for products and services to their customers.
  2. Social Investment: Support to the communities where they are present – donations to causes, support to foundations, volunteer day and programs for financial education. Also, the program called “Banca con Solidaridad”, which is an electronic platform for supporting humanitarian initiatives that seek to contribute to the development of the community. One of the permanent allies is “Actua es Vivir” Foundation, which works on the early prevention of breast and cervical cancer.
  3. Lead by Example: This refers to the actions internally adopted to contribute to reduce the impact of the Bank’s activities such as efficient use of water and electricity, waste management and recycling, digital solutions for reducing the use of paper. These actions are towards the commitment of the bank for making the contribution to sustainable practices.
  4. Impact Measurement: Different mechanisms to keep track of development indicators for measuring the accomplishments in the above three pillars.

The four pillars have a strong basis on Social and Environmental Risk Management and Governance.

The strategy is developed through a system of commissions and committees with members of all levels that incorporate best practices in the activities and departments across the Bank.

Banco Promerica El Salvador incorporates sustainability as part of its corporate strategy supporting a relationship banking that offers products and services for future generations and guarantees a balance between economic growth, care for the environment and social welfare for the communities where the Bank has presence.