Company Profile

Our business model at the Bancolombia Group is based on an ever more human banking approach, in which the confidence we build with our customers is our major force to achieve social prosperity, growth, efficiency and sustainability within the organization.

Listening to our customers problems, opportunities and needs and putting ourselves in their day by day situations, has led us to evolve and innovate by creating pleasurable experiences for them. We focus on a different and privileged manner of building relationships with our customers, where each and every one of them is important and where our results are the natural consequence of a job well done.

For over 140 years we have grown sustainably with the goal of creating economic, social and environmental shared value, and thus we foster the transformation of society.

Bancolombia and CSR

We, in Bancolombia, understand sustainability as the manner in which we handle our present needs without affecting the needs of future generations by striking a perfect balance between economic growth, environmental conservation and social well-being.

As part of this strategy, we also apply the following sustainability policies: (i) sustainable procurement; (ii) human rights; (iii) climate change; (iv) controversial financing issues; (v) responsible investing; (vi) stakeholder relationships.

Sustainable procurement: the purpose here is to provide a responsible and ethical handling of our procurement function ensuring that the goods purchased and services hired comply with all applicable environment standards and are manufactured or carried out in socially equitable conditions. The categories covered here include: civil engineering work, office supplies, maintenance, technology, cleaning supplies, promos, marketing and advertising, cafeteria supplies, transport, distribution and general services.

Human rights: we are committed to protecting, respecting and remedying human rights under the UN’s Global Compact.

Climate change: our efforts here are aimed at mitigating and adapting to the adverse effects of climate change.

Controversial financing issues: this is a list of assets and activities that we are not prepared to finance given their substantial environmental and social impact.

Responsible investing: applying environmental, social and governance criteria when analyzing and deciding on where to invest.

Stakeholder relationships: we seek to improve and build relationships of trust with our stakeholders. We have voluntarily embraced different sustainability frameworks, thereby evidencing our commitment to weighing up the possible impacts both in the present and the future.

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