Company Profile

The Bank of Jiujiang, formerly known as the Jiujiang City Commercial Bank, was established on 18th November 2000 upon approval from the Wuhan Branch of PBOC, and successfully listed on the Main Board of SEHK on 10th July 2018. We became the first prefecture-level city commercial bank in Jiangxi Province and the central region as well as the second prefecture-level city commercial bank in China to be listed in Hong Kong and be traded on the Main Board.

After 19 years of hard work, we have grown from a bank of less than 10 outlets, 100 employees and RMB700 million in total assets to one that has 272 outlets, 3,834 employees and over RMB360 billion in total assets, which was driven by our vision of “creating a branded bank and building a century-old store”. We were regarded as a role model of the waves of financial reforms in China.

During the development of the Bank of Jiujiang, we have upheld our spirit – unity, integrity, perseverance and creativity – and focused on principal business and corporate development. Since 2011, the Bank of Jiujiang has received six awards in four consecutive award presentations from the China Banking Regulatory Commission, including “The Leading Banking Institution Providing Services to Small and Micro Enterprises”, among others. The Bank has also been awarded the titles of “National Advanced Grassroots Party Organization”, “National May 1st Labor Award”, “Best National SME Commercial Bank” and “Exemplary Workplace for Talent in Jiangxi Province”. In the 2019 Top 1000 World Banks List announced by the UK magazine The Banker, the Bank of Jiujiang was ranked 327th globally and 53rd nationally.

In the future, the Bank of Jiujiang will insist on the concept of sustainable development, vigorously develop green finance, actively play the role of bank’s financial intermediary, strive to be a green bank listed on the Main Board of SEHK, and contribute to the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and The Paris Agreement.

Summary of Sustainability Strategy

Jiangxi province is one of the first National Green Finance Reform and Innovation Pilot Areas established in 2017. Positioned as a “Jiangxi’s flagship green bank” and capturing opportunities in the piloting of national green finance reform and innovation, we have set up the first green finance department in Jiangxi province. By formulating green finance development plans, investing in green operations and enhancing green technologies, we are deeply committed to building ourselves into a “green inclusive bank” and a “green technology bank” with a view of building a beautiful world.

Since 9th August 2017, Bank of Jiujiang has formulated green finance policies and developed green finance governance structure, introduced environmental and social risk management methods, strengthened policy support for the development of green finance, and built a green finance information management system. To promote the development of green finance, we brought the development of green credit into the assessment of branches. With our efforts, we won the Green Finance Development Contribution Award from Jiangxi Provincial Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau; and the growth rate of the green credit balance reached 199.77% in 2019. In addition, Bank of Jiujiang became a member of the Green Finance Committee of China Society of Finance and Banking, a member of the Committee of China Association of Environmental Protection Industry (CAEPI) in 2018, and a member of the Hong Kong Green Finance Association (HKGFA) in 2019.

Quote from CEO

“Rooted in the purpose of the Bank of Jiujiang and focusing on our main business, we are committed to serving the public, small and micro enterprises and private enterprises. In addition, we aim to improve people’s livelihoods and the economy and promote the development of green finance, inclusive finance, charity and our employees.”

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