Brief Overview of Organisation

Bank of Suzhou Co., Ltd. (‘Bank of Suzhou’ for short) was established on September 28, 2010, with a registered capital of RMB 3.333 billion. As the only urban commercial bank headquartered in Suzhou, it has been sticking to the market positioning of “serving small and medium-sized enterprises, serving citizens, and serving regional economic and social development” and the development philosophy of ‘focusing on serving the small and micro civilian-run enterprises’ since its inception. Establishing its foothold in Suzhou, facing Jiangsu, and integrating with the Yangtze River Delta, now it has 170 service outlets, 12 branches including Suzhou Branch and Nanjing Branch, and one overseas representative office. It has established Suzhou Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. and four county banks, and invested in two rural commercial banks. By the end of 2021, its total assets reached RMB 453.09 billion, the balance of deposits reached RMB 278.34 billion, and the balance of loans reached RMB 203.75 billion. It was ranked 306th among the top 1,000 global banks by the British magazine The Banker.

Bank of Suzhou is the first commercial bank in China that has fully implemented business division reform. It has now formed the four professional operation business head offices, namely the head offices of corporate banking, retail banking, financial market, and digital banking, and continued to step up efforts in small and micro-financial services, finance in science and technology, and inclusive finance, so as to continuously improve differentiated competitiveness and better serve economic and social development. Meanwhile, the Bank has established the corporate culture of “diligence, wisdom, simplicity, and happiness”, actively promoted charity and public welfare, created featured public welfare brands such as “Love Suzhou”, and earnestly fulfilled corporate social responsibilities. It will stick to “craftsmanship”, concentration and professionalism, and strive to become an inclusive bank for a new era featuring friendly customer experience, effective compliance and risk control, data-driven transformation, specialized business, and enablement of targeted management.

Summary of Sustainability Strategy

Bank of Suzhou benchmarks and integrates the key areas of the company’s business development with the United Nations SDGs, actively promotes the realization of global sustainable development goals and seeks a win-win situation between business value and social value. We adhere to sustainable finance, gather responsible forces, vigorously develop green finance, continuously promotes green operations, implement low-carbon economic policies, conduct in-depth public welfare and charity undertakings, consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation, actively perform corporate social responsibilities, and interpret Bank of Suzhou’s responsibilities and take responsibility.