BayernLB was formed in 1972 from the merger of Landesbodenkreditanstalt and Bayerische Gemeindebank. Today, BayernLB counts as one of Germany`s leading banks and as a renowned provider of financial services worldwide.

In particular, BayernLB is a major investment financier for the Bavarian and German economy. BayernLB’s customers – companies, financial institutions, investors, savings banks and the public sector – are at the center of the banks sustainable approach. BayernLB has long-standing experience and in-depth knowledge of the sectors in which its customers operate. The bank understands their business challenges for the future, offers solutions that match their needs and is a partner on an equal footing – always cultivating reliable and trusting working relationships.

As a stable and financially strong bank with international activities, BayernLB works efficiently and thinks long-term. In its approach, BayernLB looks at the whole picture and helps its customers to master economic and financial challenges. In doing so, the bank concentrates only on the areas where it can deliver top quality solutions.

BayernLB expresses its commitment to sustainability (amongst other documents) via its Sustainability and Environmental Policy and its Sustainability Strategy. BayernLB relates sustainability both to itself and to the upstream and downstream stages of the value chain that is who/what affects and determines BayernLB and how it can exert influence. The bank takes responsibility for socially just and honest cooperation, active environmental protection and has set the goal of making a social contribution to the sustainable transformation of its economic area. Concerning its core business, BayernLB is continuously expanding its understanding of sustainable benefits (ESG impact) and ESG risks and is actively managing BayernLB’s portfolio from these perspectives.

More information on BayernLB’s sustainability engagement as well as all sustainability related reporting: Responsibility ( & Publications (