Company Profile
BBVA is a multinational financial services group based on people: more than 88,000 employees, 35 million customers and over 1 million shareholders – in 32 countries. It follows an innovative management model that focuses on the customer and that considers society in general. The key features are innovation, growth and the generation of profit. Its cornerstones are people, teamwork, ethical principles and technology.

This is a financial services group that strives to grow stronger through improvements in efficiency, profitability and capital adequacy commensurate with competitive advantage. It is also expanding risk management to the highest possible level.

The group’s overall goal is to use its strengths to establish lasting relationships with increasingly satisfied customers in Spain, Europe and Mexico, in other American countries and in other places where it has a presence.

BBVA has its eyes on the future. It has become a veritable point of reference in international circles as a highly-regarded, award-winning bank. BBVA, adelante BBVA, we’re working for a better future for people.

In November 2002, BBVA created the Corporate Social Responsibility Department within the Chairman Office to properly address one of the seventh corporate principle: Corporate Social Responisibility as an intrinsic part of development. This principle implies that the Group´s commitment to social, economic and environmental progress is to be an essential feature of its operations.
The observance of the seven corporate principles is vital to ensuring BBVA´s comittment to CSR:

1. The customer as the focus of business.
2. The creation of value for shareholders and stakeholders overall as the result of our business.
3. Teamwork as the key to generating value.
4. A management style that generates enthusiasm.
5. Ethical conduct and personal and professional integrity as a way of understanding and developing the business.
6. Innovation as the engine of progress.
7. Corporate social responsibility as an intrinsic part of development.

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