Belfius Bank and Insurance is an integrated -bank-insurer owned by the Belgian federal government, which is anchored in all segments of the Belgian economy and society. Belfius is the partner of 3.7 million private individuals, self-employed and SMEs, a major player in the large corporate market and a reference bank in the public and non-profit sectors. And it is a strong brand in life and non-life insurance.

Belfius wants to make a difference in the social challenges facing us and offers solutions that contribute to a more sustainable society in Belgium. Here are Belfius’ six core commitments for 2025-2030:

  1. Be and remain carbon neutral for Belfius’ own operations, with an ever-shrinking footprint.
  2. Opting for 100% green electricity, a choice we have made since 2008.
  3. Supporting our society year after year through Belgian charities.
  4. Giving women every opportunity and guaranteeing equal pay.
  5. Going for a 100% meaningful investment offer.
  6. Giving absolute priority to future-proof infrastructure for Belgian society.

Our strategic focus on customer satisfaction is the basis for our excellent results. Meaningful & Inspiring for Belgian Society. Together.

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