Belfius Bank & Insurance


Date joined:27 April, 2020
Initiatives:Principles for Responsible Banking
Reports:Dec 21

Belfius Bank and Insurance is a Belgian for-profit banking and insurance group founded to meet local authority needs.

In order to make its CSR strategy as concrete as possible, Belfius formulated 10 commitments towards 2025-2030. Some have already been translated into very concrete actions (e.g. CO2 neutrality), for others the different actions will be developed and embedded in the strategy 2025 in order to make its commitment a reality. Below is a list of Belfius’ 10 commitments:
1. Be a leading actor in the transition to a sustainable Belgian economy and society
2. Being and remaining CO2 neutral
3. Encouraging customers to invest sustainably
4. Actively working towards a sustainable balance sheet
5. Reinventing its mobility from a forward-looking vision
6. Making future-proof infrastructure an absolute priority
7. Privacy and data protection of its customers is paramount
8. Equal opportunities and social commitment is and remains Belfius’ leitmotiv
9. Setting an example as an employer
10. Risk management and financial stability are a sine qua non for Belfius

Belfius wants to make concrete its commitment to sustainability. Belfius is aware that it is important to show the example to its clients, employees, other companies, and to the society. Therefore, Belfius wants to demonstrate its commitment by joining UNEP FI.