BN Bank ASA is a medium sized Norwegian commercial bank with headquater in Trondheim. The bank is owned by 7 regional savings-banks, has total assets of 3.4Bn USD and around 125 employees. The bank runs 2 distinctive operations. In the retail market the bank is a nationwide provider of mortgages and receiver of deposits via internet based banking, phone and partners. In the corporate market, the bank is a relational specialist focused on commercial property and building loans restricted to the Oslo-area.

The bank only finances projects and project development in the real estate sector in Norway, an industry that is well regulated with high environmental standards. In financing, the Bank also strives to understand, map and improve the ESG impact of the whole value-chain they are part of.

BN Bank ASA signals its strong commitment to make a positive impact in the financial industry, by positioning as the bank that leads the way in transparency and reporting metrics. This is to ensure that the Bank’s ESG strategy is more than words, and it drives true change.