Company Profile 

CaixaBank Group is the leading retail bank in Spain and Portugal as a whole. The Group has around 37,000 professional employees committed to service quality to 15.7 million clients, through more than 5,200 branches.
The Group bases its business and social initiatives on its corporate values of quality, trust and social commitment. Quality is defined as wanting to serve customers by offering them excellent service and products best suited to their needs. Trust is the result of honesty, professionalism and proximity. Lastly, social commitment is part of the foundation essence of the Group, underlining its objective of contributing to the development of a fairer society where more equal opportunities are available.
CaixaBank seeks to be recognized as setting itself apart through its socially responsible banking model. Its priorities include: achieving exacting quality of service standards; a firm commitment to mobility and digitalization; its capacity for innovation; and its proximity and robust financial position.

CaixaBank & CSR

CaixaBank is a socially responsible bank. Its model is based on sustainable returns and a management style that reflects the corporate values: quality, trust and social commitment.
CaixaBank bases its management on responsible actions and economic efficiency, with the willing commitment to the socioeconomic development of the people and the region.
Working to create shared value, its commitment to sustainable operations, which have to contribute added value to CaixaBank and to its stakeholders, includes the Group’s whole chain of value, from the origin of its funds and resources to their application and investment.

This position and attitude can be seen in the adoption of a proactive and decisive role in sustainable environmental development. The bank therefore works to maximize its contribution to economic growth and respond to the most pressing social and environmental challenges. Supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy, CaixaBank manages its business and its products and services within the framework of its commitment to respect people and the environment. It is firmly committed to supporting environmentally-friendly initiatives and projects that contribute to preventing, mitigating and combating climate change.

UNEPFI’s work is fully aligned with CaixaBank’s strong commitment to sustainability. The bank is working to integrate climate opportunities in business, strategy and financial planning; identify, assess and integrate climate risks in the risk management of the organization; disclose the impact, measurements and indicators of climate risks and opportunities; and ensure the interaction of governing bodies in matters of sustainability. Joining UNEPFI will enable CaixaBank to strengthen its sustainable strategy and exchange best practices in order to better understand, assess and disclose climate-related risks and opportunities, including the implementation of the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-Related Disclosures.

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