LABORAL Kutxa is a Cooperative Bank, guided by values and a philosophy that prompts them to endorse the common interest rather than the individual, to take democratic and responsible decisions and to reinvest their profit back into society. They represent a different way of banking, based on cooperation and commitment to the society. Their main objective is the satisfaction of their clients and the generation of wealth and employment in the environment. They are basically located in the Basque Country (North of Spain), with a total of 304 branches.

Summary of sustainability strategy

Distributing part of the profits to programs in favour of collective progress and the environment is their essence, with actions that generate economic activity and employment. Because of this, they remain strongly rooted to settings where they develop their activity, supporting projects ranging from employment and culture, training and knowledge, sustainability and environment to social action.

LABORAL Kutxa wants the society to progress. They support education, innovation and the social economy. They also back entrepreneurship and help in their growth businesses and enterprises. They are committed to a future that they create together and for the whole of society.