China Construction Bank Corporation, founded from the predecessor China Construction Bank (“the former CCB”) in October 1954, is a leading large commercial bank in China headquartered in Beijing. It was listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange in October 2005 (stock code: 939) and the Shanghai Stock Exchange in September 2007 (stock code: 601939). At the end of 2022, CCB’s market capitalization reached USD158,541 million, ranking fourth among all 5 listed banks worldwide. By tier 1 capital, CCB Group ranks second among global banks.

CCB provides customers with all-around financial services such as corporate banking business, personal banking business and capital
and asset management business, and has 14,356 branch institutions and 352,588 employees in total, serving 739 million personal customers and 9.35 million corporate customers. CCB’s subsidiaries engage in multiple industries such as fund, leasing, trust, insurance, futures, pension and investment banking, and have 24,094 employees in total. CCB has nearly 200 overseas institutions at all levels in 31 countries and regions. The Group upholds the new development philosophy in a complete, accurate, and allround way, helps to shape the new development paradigm, and drives high-quality development. Besides, the Group proactively sticks to the political and people-oriented financial work, focuses on the “three major tasks”, and continuously raises the “Three Capabilities”, in order to persistently promote the New Finance initiatives and thoroughly implement the “Three Major Strategies” for house rental, inclusive finance and FinTech. In addition, the Group makes mounting efforts in key areas related to national interest and people’s livelihood, such as smart government affairs, rural revitalization, green development, pension and health care, consumer finance, mega wealth management, technology finance, and business expansion in counties, maximizes the value of stakeholders including customers, shareholders, employees and the society, and strives to usher in a new chapter of financial service in Chinese path to modernization.